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Specializing in the manufacture of industrial cooling systems, Norwest Cooling Systems Inc. strives to be one of Canada’s leading cooling systems specialists. Backed by dedicated staff and decades of experience, we supply complete radiator, oil cooler, fuel cooler, air-to-air/charge-air cooler, and hydraulic cooler solutions for any application.  We will manufacture, sell, test, rebuild, repair, overhaul, and service most agricultural equipment, mining and oilfield equipment, trucks and automobiles, and heavy industrial generator radiators.

Our customized service and installations have exceeded manufacturers' specifications, as we strive to ensure quality, functionality and durability in our products.  Combined with our in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) and development in our manufacturing process, we are able to provide consistent products that meet the exacting specifications of today’s demanding markets.

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Norwest Cooling Systems Inc. is locally owned and operated.


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